Hospital presentations: blackouts and collapse

Published 28.6.2017

An interactive case based module for medical trainees, covering causes, assessment, investigation, and initial emergency treatment of different types of blackout and collapse.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module you should be able to:

  • Recall the causes for blackout (transient loss of consciousness) and collapse
  • Take an appropriate history
  • Distinguish features of the main causes of transient loss of consciousness derived from the patient and eyewitness if available
  • Assess the patient in terms of ABCDE
  • Examine the patient to elicit signs of cardiovascular or neurological disease, and to distinguish epileptic disorder from other causes
  • Define indications for investigations.

This course is part of the Priority clinical conditions chapter.


Simon M Bell, Peysh A Patel, Richard A Grunewald

Peer reviewed by Muzahir Tayebjee, Ann Johnston

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BMJ Learning Hospital Collection


60 minuuttia


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