Challenges in hospital care: Sepsis - recognition and management in adults

Published 26.4.2017

An interactive case based module taking you through the assessment, diagnosis, and management of sepsis.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module, you should know:

  • The 2016 definitions of sepsis (the Sepsis-3)
  • The varied presentation of sepsis
  • The importance of risk stratification (using the NICE criteria) to identify patients early
  • How to investigate sepsis
  • The significance of the Sepsis Six for adults
  • How to manage sepsis and when to escalate
  • How the approach to neutropenic sepsis may vary the management
  • How pregnancy increases the risk of sepsis and its effect on management.

This course is part of the Priority clinical conditions chapter.


Miles Payling, Matt Morgan

Peer reviewed by Ron Daniels

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BMJ Learning Hospital Collection


60 minuuttia


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