Hospital presentations: falls

Published 14.9.2016

An interactive case based module for medical trainees covering the risk factors and assessment of falls, as well as further investigations, pain relief, and managing the consequences.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module, you should have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Recall causes of falls and risk factors for falls in the community setting
  • Perform an assessment of a patient presenting to hospital after a fall in the community, and give a differential diagnosis
  • Identify consequences of falls
  • Distinguish between syncope and fall
  • Decide when further investigation is necessary
  • Commence appropriate treatment including pain relief
  • Understand the risk factors for inpatient falls, and strategies that can be put in place to reduce them.

This course is part of the Priority clinical conditions chapter.


Joanne Pattinson, Opinder Sahota

Peer reviewed by Emma Bailey, Jonathan Treml

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BMJ Learning Hospital Collection


30 minuuttia


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