Hospital presentations: jaundice

Published 8.2.2016

A case based module for internal medicine trainees on the assessment and initial management of three patients presenting with jaundice.

Learning outcomes

After completing this module, you should have the knowledge and confidence to:

  • Understand the different causes of pre-hepatic, hepatic, and post hepatic jaundice
  • Take a thorough history and examination, and arrange appropriate initial investigations to arrive at a valid differential diagnosis of jaundice
  • Recognise the presence of acute (fulminant) liver failure and chronic liver disease
  • Define the causes of acute liver injury and associated risk factors, and know when to consult seniors
  • Safely prescribe analgesia to a patient with significant liver disease
  • Recognise and manage complicating factors of chronic liver disease, including ascites, variceal haemorrhage, hepatic encephalopathy, and alcohol withdrawal.

This course is part of the Priority clinical conditions chapter.


Kerry Horne, Andrew Austin

Peer reviewed by Steve Pereira

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BMJ Learning Hospital Collection


60 minuuttia


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