Interpreting tests

Published 2.10.2017

Interpreting tests modules educate the healthcare team using a mixture of 3D animation, audio narrative, images, detailed text and clinical cases with practical tips on how to conduct, interpret and record key tests.

BMJ Learning Hospital Collection offers e-learning modules that address critical areas for hospitals. Multi-professional teams can learn using a mixture of 3D animation, audio, images, text and clinical cases, all peer-reviewed and regularly updated to reflect the very latest guidance.


Chest x ray: an essential guide to interpretation1
Learn about white out on chest x rays, different patterns of consolidation and pulmonary collapse, and correct management.
Arterial blood gases: a guide to interpretation2
Practical tips on a systematic, five-step approach to interpreting ABGs, distinguishing metabolic from respiratory disturbances and making the right diagnosis. Includes a video summarising the five steps to interpretation.
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BMJ Learning Hospital Collection


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